Thursday, May 25, 2006

First day

It was in the spring of 2001 that our hero, Mr Story Maker found himself in a 7th floor office in the centre of Creepy. On his desk was a worn out computer and a rather daunting scattering of papers.

He'd been met in reception earlier that day by Mr Job Drop, who had been 'holding the fort' for the last couple of months. Job told him that he had no idea what was going on, except that his first story was required by close of business on the following Wednesday. He advised sifting through the aforementioned papers and calling the accounts centre in Dearestown. Then he gave a word or two of warning; 'beware of surprises' and 'look to the balance sheet'. After that he was gone.

Just outside the office sat Story's secretary Surely, and two of his staff Phew Handy and Fob Mild. Unfortunately, although they knew their own jobs well, they didn't know the 'bigger picture' having made it their policy to give Job Drop a wide birth. They both took every opportunity to complain about their salaries, always adding that they weren't paid to think. Story asked about the Currant contract, at which point they laughed, 'wait 'til you meet Loud Shouting' they said, 'he'll give you chapter and verse'.

He wasn't due to meet Lion Elfin until later in the day, so Story found himself a pen and some paper and sat down at his desk to make what notes he could from the papers he'd been left. Not knowing what else to do, at the top of the page he wrote 'balance sheet?'.


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