Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No clothes on

It is a common enough saying that ‘bad news comes in three’s’. Unfortunately for Story Maker, bad news was coming in three’s to the power of three. The accounts had more holes than his grandfather’s old string vest.

He hadn’t even had chance to come to terms with the loss of £325k on the Little Bastard contract, when another quarter of a million slipped through his hands. And this time, he couldn’t blame it on Binwelldun. Indeed, he couldn’t blame it on anybody, because no-one would accept any responsibility. The Insurance Department pointed at Job Drop, Job Drop shrugged and pointed at Thecanny Scot, Thecanny Scot winked and pointed to Angel Allowing, and Angel Allowing said ‘it’s all in the past’.

But in the past it most definitely wasn’t. For sat on Story’s desk was a bill for £250k from Aim-Meck Insurance Department for the previous financial year, and in the accounts for the same period was a provision of 50p. He knew that Lion Elfin was expecting a shiny happy story that vindicated his opinion that he was the cleverest businessman in all the world. For although Lion was a good man at heart, he liked nothing more, than that others should be given the chance, to appreciate both his own importance and the greatness of his empire.

For Lion, it was patently obvious that he was emperor by divine right, but he constantly worried that others less intelligent than himself might not appreciate that undeniable fact. That is why he recruited our hero, so that he could go fourth and spread the good word. So imagine for a minute if you will, the plight of our poor champion, who would like nothing more than to proclaim the emperor’s magnificence.

Alas though, what else could he do? Armed with his first set of monthly accounts; as the emperor paraded around in his fine new suit, awaiting the admiring looks of all who saw him, Story was the little boy who shouts; ‘look the emperor has no clothes on’.


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