Friday, May 26, 2006

Surprise huh?

Story Maker had learnt many times in his professional life that surprises were rarely a good thing. So when an envelope landed on his desk, and he saw the words, ‘this may come as a bit of a surprise’, he knew he should expect the worst.

Inside, was an invoice for £325k, and a note that said ‘this needs to be charged to the Little Bastard contract’, it was signed by Mr Dark Overtones.

Since he knew nothing about the Little Bastard contract, Story called Ferret Visitor. Ferret was General Manager of the Bigchest regional office, and as such was responsible for Little Bastard. The Bigchest office had until the start of the year been part of the Binwelldun empire, now it had been transferred into the Onshore Oil business, where it was thought to be a ‘better fit’. ‘Oh yes’ said Ferret, ‘we need that invoice paid pronto, the contractor is threatening to walk off site’

And that seemed, on the face of it, to be all there was to it. An urgent payment required to prevent disruption to the project. All in a days work.

Story thought no more about it, until a few days later, when he started to prepare his first story.

It was a long and laborious task, Story was working late into the evening and had just started thinking about going home; another ten minutes he promised himself. Then he picked up the Little Bastard cost statement, comparing it to the project forecast………………..and then he looked at the last set of accounts……………..and then the project forecast again…………….and then he understood…………

Story Maker, is our hero, he is a man of many talents. He is certainly a man who knows how to add up, and he knew immediately that what he was looking at just simply didn’t add up.

The next day he called Dark Overtones

‘I’ve got a £325k loss on Little Bastard this month’ said Story
‘Yeah I know’
‘Why did you take all the profit last year, when the job is clearly not complete?’ Story asked
‘We wanted to. We didn’t have anywhere else to take it from’
‘And where was this invoice? You must have known about it, it’s dated 30th November’
‘We hid it until the auditors left. Surprise huh?’


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