Friday, June 09, 2006


It was some six months after the award of The Big Con contract, when Mr Wife Sa-Dog asked Story Maker if they could discuss the Horri-BAL project. And when Story replied, ‘which horrible project?’, Wife, rather taken aback, asked, ‘bad news?’

‘You could say that’ said Story, ‘I’ve just been looking at The Big Con project. I think we have a serious problem’
‘Not with that project we don’t. I saw the bid. Young Hope totally screwed the arse off the client; it might have been his first time, but he was a real stallion. He had insider knowledge. Come and see me when you’ve got a minute.’ And with that Wife returned to his office.

Story had been looking at the project cost statement for The Big Con for the last half hour. The project had been sold at £4.5m, so far Aim-Meck had incurred cost of more than £5.0m, and worse still, work didn’t complete for another year. Story would never claim to be a genius, but he was clever enough to know, that what he was looking at, had all the hallmarks of a disaster.

He went to speak to Wife again, ‘has anyone actually looked at this project?’ he asked.
‘We don’t need to; as I already told you, it’s a very profitable job’
'Well, let me show you this' said Story........................

More than two hours later, when Surely took Wife his usual mid-afternoon tea, she immediately rushed out of his office and called for first aid, ‘I think he’s had a heart attack’. She had good reason to think this; his usual healthy bronze was replaced with a deathly pale grey, and all he could say was ‘oh no……oh no……oh no……oh no……..’

There are many in Aim-Meck that might have looked back at this episode as a defining moment. That from this day forth, they would check that the fucking spreadsheet does add up. And that the next time they saw a bright young hopeful sat up in bed, smug look of self satisfaction on his flush face, taking a long, slow drag from a cigarette...................... they would wait until they were sure he was not alone, before they immediately assumed that he'd just lost his cherry.

But did they? Did they fuck.


  • Bravo! I like your thought process. The corporate affair of Aim-Meck shares with its employees has been well put. I mean, being in Sales, I understand every bit of the never ending internal customers we get to hear from & vice-versa. The acrimony in the pitch of your story is fabulous. I would not call that a comic though, because years of best minds in B-Schools across the world have gone through cases like these, what they call reality MBA. Somewhere down I see you have created your niche market.

    It’s a pleasure to follow your story.


    By Blogger Jack & Jill, at 10:54 AM  

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