Friday, June 02, 2006


Along with every other large corporation, Aim-Meck takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, as extracts from its statement on 'protecting our earth' clearly demonstrates:

...protecting our planet is the greatest challenge of our time......poor environmental practice is not acceptable in the 21st century.....we have an inherent responsibility to protect our planet through everything that we do...

So when Aim-Meck were given the opportunity to contribute to the construction of an onshore gas terminal in one of the most 'beautifully desolate parts of Ireland', a scheme that would involve the destruction of a large area of peat bog and the poisoning of whales and dolphins from the plants toxic discharge, they simply jumped at the chance.

As a spokesman said (to himself) before issuing the standard press release, 'we ain't got anything better to do'

Aim-Meck had formed an alliance with two Irish construction companies; Betty Build Ltd and Letty Loose Ltd in its bid to win this project. Cond-U Consulting, who'd been employed supporting the alliance, put all three company names into their 'think tank', and came up with the intriguingly simple an acronym 'BAL'. This stroke of genius was enough to justify their position as Aim-Meck's preferred supplier of consultancy services and add a cool £50k to their fees.

The project was to design, project manage and build the onshore gas purification plant for the Horri gas field. As the usual announcements were made, to the press and staff, the lack of planning permission to build the plant, was brushed aside, as a minor detail.

On his return from Dublin, Mr Wife Sa-Dog put his head around the door of Story's office, 'I need to talk to you about the Horri-BAL project' he said.
Story looked up from the huge pile of project cost statements he'd been analysing, 'which horrible project?' he asked.


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