Wednesday, June 07, 2006

'It's on'

What happened next was almost unprecedented in the oil industry. Having received Aim-Meck’s bid on the Friday morning, along with five others, the client immediately sent their Commercial Director straight over to Aim-Meck’s office in Creepy with a contract ready for signature. A spokesman for the client, was later quoted as saying, ‘for us, this is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity’.

On hearing the news, Young Hope could barely contain his delight, especially when his name was mentioned as having been ‘instrumental in securing this significant new project’, in the Aim-Meck announcement that followed. Unfortunately, he found his best friend wasn’t taking any calls, when he phoned to thank him.

The Bid Manager had cause for celebration too; that very afternoon he was chosen to manage the new project and given a free hand to mobilise his team. At his age, he knew that this was likely to be the last project he would manage before being gently maneuvered toward early retirement. And after a somewhat unexceptional career, to bow out on such a high note was more than he could realistically have expected; he almost had erection thinking about the lucrative consultancy work that was sure to follow.

'Lion? Hi, its Wife Sa-Dog'
'Hello'. Lion's voice was difficult to hear
'Lion, The Big Con'
'It's on'


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