Thursday, June 01, 2006

'What does she do?'

Sporting her most radiant smile Nicci Beauty stepped into Story Makers office, early one Monday morning. Nicci was in her late twenties and had an abundance of beautiful red hair. She was definitely prime contender for the title ‘Office Babe’. Story thought he would do almost anything for her.

‘Damm Charlatan would like to see you’ she said. Wearing a pair of tight trousers, and a blouse opened low enough to reveal the lacy top of her black bra and an eyeful of her small but perfectly formed breasts, Nicci looked every inch the sex goddess. Story literally felt himself grow in admiration.

‘I want to talk budgets’ said Damm. ‘I don’t know what mine is, and how much I’ve spent. Whatever it is, I’m gonna need more’

Story came back later that day with some analysis. Damm’s budget was already shot to pieces; he seemed to have an army of staff, and a penchant for business class flights, large lunches and corporate hospitality.

‘I shouldn’t be paying for half of this’ was Damm’s response.
‘So who are these people?’ asked Story
‘They work for me’
Story was confused. ‘Do you have too many staff then?’ he asked.
‘No, of course not. Actually I need a few more’

Damm’s budget had been set at £600k for the year, in first two month he’d already spent £150k. On top of that he’d just recruited two more staff to support his marketing campaigns.

‘But I’m sure I shouldn’t be paying for all this’
‘But why not, it is after all, your cost?’
‘Because, as you can see, if I do I will overspend my budget’
Story said nothing. Damm closed the discussion with ‘Well I can’t think about this now, I have relationships to build, I’m gonna have to bring someone in to look at this’

Story was incredulous. As he got up to leave though, he suggested ‘what about Nicci? Couldn’t she help with that?’
‘No’ replied Damm, ‘I need her elsewhere’.
‘What does she do anyway?’
‘What does she do?’ repeated Damm. Looking like she does’ he added, ‘who the fuck cares what she does?’


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